Monday, May 5, 2014

Beginning TDM1 (Kadcyla)


My cancer has progressed.  The progression actually was noted in the last scan from January, but no one was alarmed by it --nor did they tell me -- because it was only one lung nodule that had enlarged and that was only very slightly. This last scan showed that same nodule had increased 3 mm -- still slight, but definitely an increase. Also noted on this last scan were some shadows called groundglass opacities indicative of new nodules in the bottom lobe of that same lung. Although the progression is considered small, it is significant enough to warrant changing treatments.  The new drug I am beginning today is TDM-1. It is a chemotherapy drug attached to a targeted therapy. The side-effects are minimal--unless I am one of those unusual cases. Severe side-effects could include bleeding gums, nose bleeds, and bruising from low blood platelets. I will take this drug through my IV port every 3 weeks.  Twelve (12 ) weeks from now I will have another scan. It sure would be nice to have a good report.  Good reports are happy days indeed.

Am I scared that this drug might not work? Absolutely. Everything with cancer is scary. Living is scary. Cancer is scarier because I know what is going to kill me,  and it will kill me sooner than I would like. Ok, people, I know I could die from a car accident instead. Chances are the cancer will get me first.

I am adding another oncologist to my team. Finally, I am taking the necessary steps to get treatment in Wilmington. My three oldest children who are in college will be home for the summer. My not missing full days away from home because of treatment will allow me to handle all their different schedules more easily.

So, the me of today is sad, but I am climbing back out of the fog.