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Breast Cancer kills 1,430 people in the world daily; 113 die in the USA.
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The Cancer Classroom - you are here - Lisa Adams Thompson - Stage IV, Her 2 + in 2013 lungs & mediastinal lymph nodes, 2005 DCIS, 2009 Stage 1,
TDM-1 NED currently, 

Judit Saunders - The Life I didn't Expect  - Stage IV since early 2014, brain (NED), rib, sternum, hip

Susan - UppityCancer Patient - Stage IV since Feb 2012 at age 47. Liver, bones. Herceptin and Taxol 2 years. Now on TDM-1 since Sept 2014.

Lori Tragessor - Thanks for the Mammories Early Stage 8-9-12, Stage IV 8-27-2014 ribs, I am not sure of ER, PR status. 

Jan Hasak Mourning Has Broken Stage IV Her 2 Neu +, brain. on TDM-1

Melissa - Strength in our Stories Blog began 4-2017, lives in Minnesota, stage IV mets to liver.

Becky Dickson canceryoucansuckit Early stage 2011 Triple +, Stage IV Oct 2016 Her2+, currently on Herceptin and Perjeta, brain metastasis--had radiation, active advocate, posts on Stage IV Closed Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Group, medical writer for Stanford, patient advisor for P4AD --Patients 4 Affordable Drugs. 
HER 2 NEU+, ER+--stage IV 

Paula - Living With Stage IV ER+ PR+ Her2neu+, Stage 0 2012 June, Stage IV late 2015 mets to adrenal gland, spine, lymph nodes, 2016 brain mets, on Perjeta and Herceptin, Gamma Knife to brain

Uzma - Left Boob Gone Rouge Stage III Estrogen Positive, Psychiatrist, Stage IV Jan 2016 liver, Cancer type changed. Starting Herceptin, Perjeta, Taxotere April 2017

Ann Silberman - butdoctorihatepink  Stage IV Her 2 +/ER +, 2009 stage 2a, 5-21-2011 stage IV liver, 11-2015 started TDM-1, NED, Healthline's Best Breast Cancer Blog and Best Metastatic Blog of 2017

Caroline - My Boobs and Me   Early Stage 2013, Stage IV March 2016 vertebra

Karen I Won't Back Down ER+ Her 2 neu +

Laura Snyder called
Thoughts on Cancer, ER+, Her 2 + 2012 age 49 - stage IIIa, 9 months later found lump in neck--stage IV mediastinal  and superclavicular lymph nodes, lungs, liver. NED. Herceptin, Taxotere, Perjeta.  2015 --brain mets WBR, Xeloda and Tykerb. January 2016, more brain mets --gamma knife, June 2016--4 new lesions more gamma knife, now on TDM-1 

Disco Del Discombobulateddel   ER+, Her2neu+, 2011 early stage, 2012 metastatic in lungs, lives in UK


Susan Rahn - Stage IV Sept 2013 age 43 ER+ PR+ Her2neu -, currently NED, USA

Susan L. Rosen - Let Us Be Mermaids Stage IV 2003 breast and thyroid cancers, ER+ BRCA 2

Tammy Carmona - Living Life With Metastatic Breast Cancer NED 2014, brain May 2016, USA, Healthline's Best Metastatic Blog of 2017

Jo Taylor - abcdiagnosis Stage IV 9 years, blogging 3 years, bones

Katherine - ihatebreastcancer 2009 age 43, stage IV Er/PR +, Her 2 neu -

Liz - Breast Cancer Conscript  2011 early stage, 2015 late stage ER+

Amy Durfee West Amy Durfee West's Blog diagnosed early 2011 liver, bones, lungs, USA

Jenny Pagliaro The Breast Cancer Chronicles Stage II at 31 in 2015, stage IV 2016 ER+, uses integrative medicine  

Valerie Buschman A Day At A Time ER+, 2013 early stage, 2017 mets to bones

Ashley Gunter - WhosGotTimeForBreastCancer Diagnosed at 30. November 2016 stage IV-- early stage but really de novo at diagnosis, ER+, bones and liver


Kathryn A. Edick metastatic and makarios stage IV October 13, 2016, NEAD June 2017. mets to spine, liver, lymph node

Kat Climbing the Mountain of MBC diagnosed June 2015 in bones, lobular type, currently NED. 

Renee Sendelbach - Laughin' and Lovin' through it all Team S Living with Stage IV Breast Cancer, 8-2008--stage 1 triple negative/ 3-2011--Stage IV lungs, bones, lymph nodes/ 8-2012 brain/ 1-2015 - No visible cancer in brain or body. Leukemia 9-2016, USA, Healthline's Best Metastatic Breast Cancer Blog of 2017 

Barbara Bigelow The Cancer Chronicles Stage IV March 2015 13 years after early stage, fundraises for Metavivor. NED, has not been on treatment for over a year after trying clinical trial drug that almost killed her.

Mary - 7777 + Days Stage IV 2011Feb 8 post 453, wants to make it past 7777. 

Corrie Painter Never Been Better  biomedical scientist, cancer researcher,
Rare form: angiosarcoma (lining of the blood vessels) See below in additional websites: Strength in Numbers

Debbie Emery My Journey through BC  early stage 20111, Mets liver March 2016, 2016 Best Breast Cancer Blog 2017 

Caroline Caroline's Breast Cancer Blog Stage IV since 6-2007, Blogs daily, Healthline's Best Breast Cancer Blogs Award


Laurie Kingston Not Just About Cancer Nov 2016 leptomeningeal carcinomatosis gets intrathecal Herceptin through an Ommaya Reservoir, also Herceptin every three weeks, from Canada, Healthline's Best Breast Cancer Blog of 2017, whole brain radiation November 2017. In hospice Nov 2017. died January 8, 2018.
Scorchy  The Sarcastic Boob Stage IV bones 2012, not sure of ER, PR or Her 2 neu status. (Died November 14, 2017  
Beth Caldwell -  stage IV  April 2014, neuroendocrine type, ER+, bones, lymph nodes, brain, creator of METUP, USA. (Died November 4, 2017).
Lori Max-Rubiner Regrounding early stage 2002, stage IV 2011, ER+, now Her 2 + (died 8-2-17) involved in CancerBase -- --making cancer data count.
Catherine Brunelle bumpyboobs Stage IV ER +, lungs. eye, skull 2016, from Canada, (died July 29, 2017)
Anna Craig -  My Journey with Stage IV Breast Cancer Stage IV 2012? lungs, brain Dec 2015, Husband posting for her 2016/2017. (Died April 2017)  
Mandi Hudson - First ER+ PR+ Her 2 neu -, Stage IV ER+ Her 2 neu+, bones, lung, lymph nodes, liver, brain--10-2015. July 2016 leptomeningeal mets. 
(Died April 11, 2017) 
Vickie young Wen - I want more than a pink ribbonStage IV 2011-12 bones, liver, brain June 2016 (Died October 20, 2016)
Jill  - Dancing with Cancer Stage IV ER+, bones, brain, skin. 13 years of living with this disease. (Died Aug-11-16)
Lulu Change - stage IV, 2014, ER+, liver, bones. Clinical trial MLN0128 combo with Exemestane or Fulvestrant for postmenopausal ER+/PR+ (Died Aug.7-16)
Sherri Fillipo -  Nurse turned patient, stage IV Nov 2012 Her 2 neu+, not receiving treatment 2015. (Died on April 10, 2016)
Carolyn - ER+ PR+ Her 2neu+ Stage IV (Died December 21, 2015)
Tami Stage IV ER+, diagnosed 2008, liver (Died November 4, 2015)
Allison  Lutz -  Stage IV triple negative +, (Died Sept 9, 2015)
Sarah Merchant - Her2neu+ 2010, (Died June 12, 2015)
Lisa Boncheck Adams - lisabadams  2012 Stage IV ER/PR postitive (Died March 6, 2015) , Bone & Liver
Terri - gracefulwomanwarrior Stage IV Her 2 neu postive, ER,PR postive --(Died December 5, 2014)


Liane Cawood Grace and Dignity, A Life to be grateful for ER + Stage 3 after 13 years, from Canada

Kathleen Bon Voyage Boob Stage 2B, diagnosed Dec 2013, ER+ PR+ Her2neu+, marathon running, message therapist, memoir writing, blogger

Catherine Foy  mytriplenegativelife   1999 1st diagnosis, 2013 local recurrence, lives in Ireland

Corey Calligano My Pink Ribbon Journey  diganosed twice--2013 & 2017, Her2+, ER+, early 30's, lymphedema,

Claudia Schmidt - My Left Breast - stage 1, bilateral mastectomy Feb 2010. Not sure of type, NED

Jennifer Campisano - boobyandthebeast Oct 2016 considered not stage IV because autoimmune condition looked to be stage IV but was probably not after 4 years of treatment. Presently taken off all drugs! Hoping for the best possible outcome for you, Jen.) She was originally stage III. Her 2 neu + slightly ER+ on TDM-1, now NED

Rebecca Timlin-Scalera PHD - The Cancer Couch  --Raises money for breast cancer research. Psycologist, Advocate Stage IIIC September 2015

Audrey Birt - Audrey Birt's Blog Early Stage 3 times, 2002-last time 2015, lives in Scotland, advocate, nurse

Carrie - my little b's have big c  early stage, diagnosed July 2014 at age 37, family history ER+

Katy Jacob - katydidcancer early stage twice, triple negative, writer 

Rachel Bland - Big C Little Me Triple Neg. 11-2016. Journalist for BBC News in UK, 39 years old.

Susan Zager -  Active on Facebook and Twitter (@a4breastcancer), Advocate, Susan's Breast Cancer Blog - A4BC diagnosis Early stage

Kimberly - lunatechchick Stage III ER+, PR + 9% weak, Her 2 neu + diagnosed July 2009 

Debra Madden - The Musings of a Cancer Research Advocate  Early Stage 2, possibly Her 2 neu+, Breast Cancer Advocate, science reporter

Cancer Curmudgeon - anotheronewiththecancer Her 2 neu +/ER and PR -. stage 3 2010 Oct 2010 Completed treatment Jan 2012. 

Jill Foer Hirsch - Early stage

Kathi Kolb - The Accidental Amazon Stage 0, ER+, Healthline's Best Breast Cancer Blog 2017

Marie Ennis O'Conner - early stage, Breast Cancer Advocate, Healthline's Best Breast Cancer Blog 2017

Nancy Stordahl - 2010 Stage 2b BRCA 2, Healthline's Best Breast Cancer Blog 2017

Rebecca Matos - the small c Stage 2 A, ER+ PR+ at age 32, ATM gene mutation

Lisa DeFarrari - After 20 Years Early Stage 1993 age 35, now cancer advocate

AnneMarie CiccarellaChemo Brain . . . In the Fog Early Stage July 2006 Lobular BC Family History BRCA 1, 2, Advocate, Mother Stage IV,, Healthline's Best Breast Cancer Blog of 2017

Ann Marie Giannino-Otis - Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer -- Advocate, diagnosed June 2012 DCIS/Stage 1, on Twitter @annmarieg4, and on Facebook

Diane Mapes - Double Whammied  Writer, Twitter @double_whammied , ER+ Invasive Lobular Cancer in both breasts 2010

Caroline -  Caroline's Breast Cancer Blog Type ? Began blogging in 2007, Has had cancer twice, Healthline's Best Cancer Blog 2017

Yvonne Watterson Consider the Lillies 2011, Stage II ER +, lives in Arizona

Eileen Woman in the Hat diagnosed early stage 2010 

Katie Ford Hall A Time for such a Word early stage 2009

Sharon Greene 4 times and counting triple negative, 1988 1st diagnosis, 1993 2nd, 1995 3rd, 2011 4th diagnosis

Susan - everythingsusanandmore breast cancer twice, now lung cancer Stage IV.

Beth Gainer Calling the Shots Wrote Book about her cancer experience. Early Stage BC in 2012.

Philippa Ramsden Feisty Blue Gecko Early Stage, Scotland, 2009 stage 2b/3a ER+

Tracey FEC This Ireland, ER+ Her2+ early stage 2012

Lara Huffman Get Up Swinging on Twitter, Huffington Post Writer, Pittsburgh, Penn., stage 1 ER+
PR+ 2010 age 30, mother died of MBC

Brandi Journey of 1,000 Stitches Early Stage, young, could not find other details of diagnosis

JoAnn Expand My World Ability teacher, writer, early stage at 43, USA

Renn The Big C and Me 2010 Dec Early Stage 

Connie Rosser Riddle Connie's Blog early stage, Retired Nurse, author of an upcoming memoir, Saved by Sedona, and of essays that have appeared in various anthologies and magazines.  Connie Durham, N.C.  

Maureen I Am The In Eight Early Stage 2016 ER+

Katherine Moynihan Kate Has Cancer Stage IV Oct 2012 live and bones. Active in stage IV Breast Cancer Support Group on Facebook. Not posted since Oct 2016.
Jennie GrimesPutting the Grrr in Grimes Stage IV 2011 ? bones, chest wall, ER+, started METUP with Beth Caldwell, Not posted in awhile, Not sure how she is. 
Kate Crawford - thechroniclesofcancer Stage IV Her 2 neu +/ ER,PR- Taking a break from social media end of 2015.--helped with website for METup organization
Kiara -
wordsfromwardfour  3-2013  stage IV ER/PR +, Her 2 neu +, brain.
Kel - IV ER+ HER2neu+
Leisha Davidson-Yasol -
cancerinmythirties  Stage 3C in 2010 Her 2 neu+, ER+ 

Vicki Zarkin - stage4mom Stage IV, has not posted since October 2014

The Underbelly Misson- To share empowered stories with a feminist perspective, To connect isolated individuals and group, To advocate and support meaningful change in the breast cancer community.
Chris' Cancer Community Chris Lewis, Cancer Patient, Activist, writer   150+  breast cancer blogs
It's About Time MBC Stage IV stories and information
Living Beyond Breast Cancer Advocating on behalf of those who can't.
Let Life Happen--Cancer News Barbara Jacoby
Strength In Numbers Corrie Painter MBC Project - Accelerating Precision Medicine by collecting samples of tumor tissue and sequencing genes placing info in data base.
Not So Pretty in Pink advocate Grace Slawski, mother died of bc


CancerBase -- Collects Data, Shares, Educates
Tidal Wave Leader-- "This resource is here to help you discover your new “why” after cancer so that you can leave a positive legacy." --David 

Dennis Pyritz - Remission from Leukemia (has a nice list of websites for many cancers)- has not posted in a long time


  1. Wow. Thanks for the list of great blogs. I was diagnosed in Dec. 2013 with ER+/PR+/Her2+ Stage IIB. My blog is Feel free to include on your listing if you'd like. I don't post as frequently because I'm writing a memoir about the whole shebang. Thanks, Kathleen

    1. You are now part of this list! Nice blog, by-the-way. It has some good information. Plus, I read you don't do a lot of over-thinking and editing of your posts--that is amazing. I write, re-write then post and still find things wrong with mine. Thanks for letting me know about your blog. I am now following you.

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