Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Celebration Continues

Yesterday, at my normal three week infusion appointment of TDM-1 (treatment #63 overall, #46 of TDM-1) I received my printed report of my February 20th CAT scan.

I keep looking at the words finding them simply unbelievable.

On April 1st it will be four (4) years since I was told there was evidence by a scan that my cancer had moved beyond my breast into my mediastinal (between the lungs) lymph nodes. A few weeks later I learned it was in both of my lungs as well.

Those words above are both frightening and freeing. Frightening because of the everyday fear they will disappear. Freeing because my perceived time-shackles have been loosened. I absolutely did not think I would see my only son turn 21 which he did on March 11th. Nor, did I think I would see my youngest daughter turn 14. Her birthday is April 6th; I am looking forward to celebrating that day with her.

Like I said, it is simply UNBELIEVABLE!