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June 2018
Parenting Through Cancer -- Cheryl Weinstock article for Cancer Today Magazine On-Liner

May 2018
Five Years of Moments -- marks my 5th year having MBC

April 2018
Fear and Hope Competing -- Written for the SHARE website

March 2018
Thankful for a Thankless Job -- I started working again.

February 2018
Quick Update -January 29th scan

January 2018
Coping with Cancer in a Modern World
Opening Doors to a New Chapter

December 2017
Stealing Grief

November 2017
My Story Continues - Scan November 6

October 2017

I Think I Need an Editor  - writing mistakes, why can't I see them? 
A Hashtag for Research #kissthis4mbc

September 2017
Count Me In! The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project USA & Update on me--insurance problem solved. #57 infusion of TDM-1.

August 2017
Health Update and Genetic Testing Result -- treatment #56 TDM-1

July 2017
Genetics--BRCA 1 and 2 plus PALB2

June 2017
Unbelievably Beautiful! Scan Results. 
I Want to be Heard

May 2017
Genetic Testing and Lymphedema
In Defense of Sympathy

April 2017
A poem - Cancer It's Me
Early May Not Be Early Enough For Some Of Us-- Early Metastasis in DCIS

My Celebration Continues

February 2017
Just Be Courteous--Don't waste my time
Health Update-The scan results are in.
The Importance of a Clean Home 

January 2017
Clotting Challenges-Health Update, treatment #61 overall #44 TDM-1, platelet trouble again

December 2016
Goodbye My Jet
Death Be Not Proud, a book and a look at alternative medicine

November 2016
Another Happy Birthday - 52 years of living!

October 2016 
Hardships of the Financial Kind -- perhaps bankruptcy
My October Surprise -- results of latest scan

Sept 2016
Real Breast Cancer Awareness
1,800 Miles of Summer

August 2016
*Moonshots All Around, Part II Data Sharing

July 2016
*Moonshots All Around, Part I/ The National Cancer Moonshot Initiative

June 2016
*The Results are In! Scan day and Infusion #34 of TDM-1 (Kadcyla)
*Oligometastatic Disease - a chance to live longer

May 2016
*Cancer Research Month Ends - Metastatic Research needed, Treatment #50, TDM-1 #33
*"Death Always Wins", When Breath Becomes Air -- a book by Dr. Paul Kalanithi 

April 2016
*Spring Break -- from cancer Part II, Azalea Festival, Airlie Garden Party 
*Metsiversary -- 3 years! 

March 2016
* I Don't Want to Regret - My Children and Life  
*Surprises and Sunshine - Healthline's Best Metastatic Breast Cancer Blogs of 2015

February 2016
*Just Happy - scan results February 15th

January 2016
*Memories of Friends - Sometimes what seems impossible is possible--Sharon L. Hutchens. 
*You're Gonna Die Anyway -- Hoping this will change.

December 2015
*Our Immune System and Cancer
*Letter to my Email Subscribers/HTML messing up my feed! - Email updates not working. On December 29th, I learned my efforts to fix my subscriber email problem worked! 
*Inevitable Change/Treatment #42, TDM-1 #25

November 2015
*Flipping for Fifty-One -- Birthday!!--Treatment #41 TDM-1 #24
*Respecting Life Gone Missing - a map of religion after Paris, France terrorist attack. 
*Me and the Machine - my experience with Stereotactic Radiotherapy--Cyber-Knife 

October 2015
*Cyber-Knife to the Rescue!
*Changing the Conversation about Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness--It's About Time MBC Campaign 
*The Other "C" Word- an update--Stereotactic Radiotherapy/Cyber-Knife

September 2015
*Few Words - A poem for everyone who has lost a loved one.
*What is the point of it anyway? The meaning of Life vs Life has meaning. Losing a pet.

August 2015
*The Oldest Person that Ever Lived/Possible Progression -Treatment #23 of Kadcyla, Platelets 90,000,  
*Update on Platelets and Infusion #22 of Kadcyla-- Platelet count 88,000 up from 64,000. 

July 2015
*Thrombocytopenia--a big word for a huge problem
                        My Platelets are LOW—Up-date treatments #37/TDM-1 #20
*Eyebrow Tattooing and Eyelash Growing - the final session plus using Careprost to grow lashes

June 2015
*Mammograms At Age 40 or 50?
*Expectations -  Scan results and treatment delayed. Nurse Navigators and communication with medical staff not always what it should be.

May 2015
*Low Platelets (Blood Tests) and Treatment Update #36, TDM-1 #19/ Blood Work Details--reading a blood test result Platelets in trouble-reduced dose of TDM-1 Treatment #35 was infusion only

April 2015
*Spring Break - from cancer, Update of #14 - #17 TDM-1 and #31 - #34 treatments
                         The Azalea Festival's Garden Party with Pictures/Cancer does define me. 

March 2015
*My Eyebrow Tattoos
*A Blogger's Goodbye Post

February 2015
*To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo/Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal
*The Well Wishers in Community Service - Remembering Treatment #29/TDM1 #12

January 2015
*Burning Feet/Scan Results - Treatment #30/TDM1 #13 Neuropathy
*Cancer In The News

December 2014
Review 2014 -Treatment#28, #29 TDM1- #11, #12

November 2014
November Project For My Kids -Treatment #27, TDM1-10

October 2014
The Green Mile -MRI of brain
Scans/Grapefruit Treatment #25, #26 TDM1-#8, #9
Losing Time - Poem

September 2014
Set the Peckers Free and Other Nonsense
UpDate -Treatment #23/#24 TDM1 #6, #7

August 2014
Love Life
It's Complicated-Cancer That Is

July 2014
Dancing with NED -Treatment #22/ TDM1 #5
Scan Results
The 30% Club
Never Mind Doc -Treatment #21/TDM1 #4

June 2014
New Oncologist Eventually -Treatment #20/ TDM1 #3
Good Attitude Stay Positive

May 2014
T-DM1 #2-Treatment #19
Beginning T-DM1 (Kadcyla) #1 Treatment #18

April 2014
Possible Progression
Supernatural and Coincidence - Treatment #17

March 2014
A Gift -Treatment 16
How Perjeta and Herceptin Work -Treatment #15

February 2014
Radiation, Incurability
Herceptin and Perjeta Only-Treatment #14

January 2014
Pleading with Cancer - A poem
Scans Reviewed -Chemo #13

December 2013
Pictures of Finished Quilts
Desolution of Smaug - Review of Movie From Perspective of Cancer Patient
Scans reviewed Jan 13th-Chemo 12
Lymphedema Explained-Chemo#11

November 2013
Cancer Takes Slowly- 49th birthday
Chemo #10 Cancer Stable

October 2013
A Child's Pain - story of my youngest
Next CAT-Chemo #9
Breast Slang - It's October
Stage IV Cancer Now What? What would you do
Chemo #8/Treatments, Tumor Markers, Herbs

September 2013
Vein, Folliculitis, Fingernails
How a CAT scan works-Chemo #7
No energy and Never Ending Side Effects-Chemo #6
All is stable/A parent with cancer-Chemo #5
Grief and Side-Effects-Chemo #4
The Port, The Wig, and Learning to Cope-Chemo #3
A journey/ Nah, A nightmare is more like it!-Chemo #2
Wow, I didn't expect all this.
The new me sucks-Chemo #1
The Back Story - Part II

August 2013
The Back Story - Part I  

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