Resources/Support Groups/Financial Assistance/Air Travel/Supplies,Wishes

Below you will find support groups, advocacy groups, fundraising groups, financial assistance, sites offering wishes to be granted, free supplies, airplane assistance, and retreats. 

On-Line Support Groups/Information about Cancer
2. Several Facebook groups I follow:
             She and US and Her 2 (For Her2+ patients,
             The Golden Oldies of Stage IV BC,
             Closed Metastatic (stage IV) Breast Cancer Support Group,
             Stage IV Breast Cancer Truths
3. The Death Cafe - helps people accept death with open conversations, posts articles
4. Blogs -  see my list called Blogs I follow
5. SHARE Cancer Support -- offers support over the phone, in person and on-line.--for those with early stage, metastatic breast and ovarian cancer. Provides clinical trial information, videos, webinars, stories from patients, education programs and resources (for English and Spanish speakers). 
6. offers a patient resource guide, provides information about different types of cancer, shares stories of cancer survivors and stories of those with advanced cancer.

Education, Resources, Social Networks, Advocacy Sites, Funding for Research, Trials, Information 
1.   Advanced Breast Cancer Community
3.   Sisters Newtwork A National African American Breast Cancer Network Organization
4.   Metastatic Breast Cancer Network
5.   Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium
6.   Living Beyond Breast Cancer has a helpline, holds educational seminars
7.   Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network
8.   Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance
9.   Breast Cancer Organization
10. The Male BC Coalition For Men
11. Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation For Triple Negative Patients
12. American Cancer Society 800.227.2345
13. Hospice Foundation of America 800.854.3402
14. LGBT Cancer Network For the LGBT Community
15. Livestrong Foundation 877.236.8820
16. Patient Advocate Foundation 800.532.5274
17. Imerman Angels Matches people with a "Mentor Angel" who is someone with a similar cancer.
18. Patients Like Me For patients and caregivers. aims to connect patients to trials, pharmaceutical companies.
19. Theresa's Research Foundation research, trial searches, fund raisers for metastatic research, annual conference
20. METAVIVOR Awareness, Support, Research for Metastatic Breast Cancer, volunteer run, donations to stage 4 only research, selects scientists by peer review process. Wants to improve quality of life for MBC patients.
21. Stand Up 2 Cancer Funds for Cancer Research
22. Avon Foundation improving the lives of women globally
23. Young Survival Coalition support from young women with breast cancer
24. Susan G Komen Foundation Fundraising, communication
25. National Foundation for Cancer Research
26. Facing Our Risk Facing Our Risk of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
27. Breast Cancer Research Foundation fundraising, breast cancer articles, Chief Mission Officer also chairman of Mets BC alliance
28. Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation
29. Metup Co-founders: Beth Caldwell and Jennie Grimes, created Washington DC die-in. Fundraises for Metastatic Research only, advocacy
30. Pregnant with Cancer
31. Genevieve's Helping Hands, Inc helps young mothers under 40, headquarters in NC
32. Look Good Feel Better arm of American Cancer Society and the Prof. Beauty Assoc. Beauty tips, on-line beauty tutorials, sometimes local salons will hold classes.
33. The Cancer Couch Founder Rebecca, volunteer run, donations to stage 4 only, funds scientists studying MBC work @ Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center--researches drug resistance, also funds scientists @ Dana-Farber Cancer Institute--goal to improve lives of MBC patients and understand ER+  disease, scientists go through rigorous process to receive grants from The Cancer Couch.
34. The Cancer Couch (above), Twisted Pink and Hope Scarves make up the MBC Collective working to fund Metastatic research.

Financial Assistance
1.  The Pink Fund provides financial assistance for 90 days for non-medical costs, pays for health insurance premiums, mortgage or rent, car payments, car repairs, car insurance, utilities up to $3000 (amounts vary). Paid directly to creditors. Will not pay for medical treatments, drugs, co-pays, deductibles, gasoline, prostheses, wigs or food. job resources. Must be working at the time of diagnosis.
2.  Cancer Support Community 888.793.9355 All cancers. Offers Financial Helpline, help in managing costs, A pharmaceutical company assistant program, has a comprehensive guide to managin the cost of cancer treatment (83 pages), free support and counseling, stays up-to-date with lawmakers and decisions affecting patients.
3.  Tigerlilly Foundation young patients only--I assume under 40. offers financial support and programs
4.  Stupid Cancer for young adult cancer patients (15-39), all cancers, financial assistance,

1.  Co-Pay Assistance not deductibles, Nationwide, drug co-pays
2.  Shay Sharpes Pink Wishes fopr terminal patients with one year to live, grants wishes, no large animals, property, co-pays or cash
3.  The Dream Foundation 2500 dreams per year, terminally ill patient wishes granted across USA
5.  Do it for Love free concert tickets
6.  Thru My Eyes Legacy Videos-- Criteria for getting into our program: 1. You must have a potentially life-threatening illness. 2. You must be the parent of a child 21 years or younger, or you are the primary caregiver of that child. 3.  First responders only need to have a life-threatening illness to qualify for our free service. If you do not meet our criteria and are interested in making a video, please email us at and we can refer you to some people who might be able to help you. Serves US and Canada
7.  Wish Upon a Wedding for all cancers
8.  Life Chronicles free legacy videos
9.  Cleaning For A Reason cleaning once a month for 4 months, small rural towns may not have providers Providers
10. Front Row Foundation tickets to see favorite team or musician
11. Send Me On Vacation Send Me On Vacation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides financially disadvantaged breast cancer survivors the opportunity to initiate the process of emotional healing through a vacation experience. Send Me On Vacation empowers survivors to reconnect with themselves on a rejuvenating vacation. Our vacation experiences have a profound effect on rebuilding the lives of breast cancer survivors after treatment. Our vacations are designed to strengthen the body, stimulate the mind and heal the spirit, creating a transformative journey into health and wellness.
12. Fill Your Bucket List Foundation Making bucket lists come true, headquartersn Cary NC, wishes granted across USA

1.  Commonweal Cancer Help Program for all cancers, week long retreat, information on mainstream and complementary therapies, emotional, spiritual healing, message, yoga, vegetarian diet
2.  Casting For Recovery For Breast Cancer Patients, BC education, peer support and fly fishing
3.  Tigerlily Foundation for vacations contact:
4.  Cruising Against Cancer Free cruise, must submit video of family or recent picture to be considered. For all cancers.
5.  Inheritance of Hope retreats for families with children who have a terminal parent
6.  Little Pink Houses of Hope send families and patients on beach vacations, travel to and from is patient's res ponsibility Little Pink Retreat FAQ 
7.  Libby's Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation Florida Vacation Only
8.  Ally's Wish wishes for moms with a terminal illness, vacations--not restricted to where you live. Disney is one distination
9.   Epic Experience outdoor camp adventures for adults that have had cancer at any time in their lives
10. Leslie's Week a week retreat for Stage IV Breast Cancer Patient and their families
11. Courageous Women Fearless Living experts share knowledge of integrative medicine, yoga, mindfulness, art therapy
12. Deliver The Dream 3 day retreats are located in Florida for anyone with cancer and their family
13. The Karen Wellington Foundation for women living with breast cancer, several chapters throughout US. Provides travel, spa day, concert tickets, people donate: airline miles, vacation homes, sporting events

Free Air Travel for Care 
1.  Pilots for Patients volunteer pilots transporting patients
2.  Air Charity Network 877.621.7177 provides air travel assistance in all 50 states
3.  National Patient Travel Center discount airline tickets for patients

Free Supplies
1.  Impact One Breast Cancer Foundation mails to patient supplies post-surgical bras, prosthetics, wigs and other items for free (Hope in a Box)
2.  Connie Cares provides compression pumps for lyphedema at no cost


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