Sunday, November 15, 2015

Respecting Life Gone Missing

Because of what has happened in Paris, France, I am sharing a link to the map below. It offers much to think about. With all the good that can come from religiosity, the bad is great as well. People are cruel to one another in so many ways. The incomprehensible evil that has happened in human history is often related to the want of land and power disguised and promoted by a religion. The solutions offered by others to stop these self-righteous acts of violence in our world are--at best--temporary and involves the killing of more people including the innocent. All of it is sad and disgusting.

Click here to view animated map.

 By the way--I am annoyed at the media's calling this event a "cancer metastasizing". There is a huge difference between the spread of cancer and the spread ideas. Cancer cannot think. People can.
Maybe my feelings about this are tied to my feelings about the battle language in cancer. It feels wrong to me.

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