Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Gift

Treatment #16 went well, but it was an incredibly long day.  Chapel Hill had too many patients scheduled which caused long waits for everyone.

I only had one appointment, the infusion.  Because of this, I thought the time at the hospital would be a lot shorter than prior days.  I arrived at 11:30 despite my appointment time of 1:00.  My early arrival did not move things along any faster. I was not seated in a treatment chair until just after 3:00.  Finally at 4:30, my treatment began.  The whole process really doesn't take that long.  Once I swallow the two Tylenol pills and wait the 30 minutes for those to start working, the infusion can begin.  Each drug is infused for 30 minutes. There are two of those.  Once complete, there is a 30 minute observation period to make sure I don't have an allergic reaction to the drugs.  So, one might surmise that I could possibly be on my way home in three hours since the actual time to be treated is two hours.  This was not to be.

Luckily, I had received a gift from one of my daughters on Saturday.  It was an iPad mini!  I spent the entire time learning how to use it.  I searched the internet and did something I never do . . . played games!  Candy Crush is a game I knew nothing about, now I do.  Temple Run, oh my, what fun!  My husband laughed at me because the game involves a lot of finger swiping across, and tilting of, the screen.  My motions were much bigger than was needed for the game.  I guess if I was watching someone play in this way I would find it funny too.  On the way home I was so into the game I accidentally tossed the iPad right out of my hands. The iPad is fine despite its short trip through the air.

My sweet, wonderful daughter used the money she made working in a restaurant to bring me this technology. She wanted me to have a new computer. The one I have is bulky making it cumbersome to carry around.  Plus it is several years old which for a computer is ancient. Attached to the gift was a poem she had written.  It expressed how she knows how awful it is to be sad and how she wished she could grant wishes. With those wishes granted, she could fix things. Since she can't, maybe with this gift, she could make things for me a little better. And, she did!  While I was playing the games and learning how to use the device there were moments I did forget my sadness and actually enjoyed myself despite being hooked-up to a drug delivery pump.

Her gift to me is so much more than this iPad.  Her gift to me came when she was born.

I love her.

I love all my kids!


  1. What a wonderful gift! I'm hooked on on Scrabble and Words With Friends. If you ever want to play, look me up :) Most days during treatment I can rarely find the sweet spot to sit to get an Internet connection and the days I do it usually not a good enough connection.
    My newest treatment takes less than an hour but if the cancer centre is having a busy day it can take a lot longer. I'm sad to say that I might have to have a port installed as my old veins are not doing the best. Hopefully it won't have to be done for a few months yet.

  2. I may have to play those games you mentioned.
    Having a port does save your veins. I have one. Yes, it is ugly, but I hardly know it is there.