Saturday, September 19, 2015

Few Words

 I meant to post this in August, but somehow life happened.

August, for me, is a month of revisiting painful moments along with joyful ones.

I met my husband at the end of August in 1990. On August 14, 1992, my mother died. My father died, August 1, 1994. A seven-week old border collie began his new life with me in August of 2002. He continues his life with me today. I started this blog in August of 2013.

My mother's sister, Lynne, sent me a card after my mother's death with a beautiful message. I took that message and embroidered it on a canvas that now resides on a wall in my home. Each and every time I read it, I pause allowing the memories of her to warm me. I have typed it below. This message applies to everyone who has ever lost a loved one. So few words offering a lifetime of meaning.

She is not far -
She is always near
In the memories
that you hold most dear-
In the hearts that still care
In the love that goes on . . .
She will never be far
She will never be gone

author unknown

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