Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Results Are In!

Scan Day also became infusion day #34 of TDM-1!

What a relief to see a smiling face come through the door to tell me my scan looked great. I believed I startled Ms. P (PA) when I embraced her maybe a little too enthusiastically--I was joyful and couldn't contain it. 
My next scan will be in October. In the meantime I will travel to Kentucky to see my sisters, visit Cleveland, Ohio where my daughter will be working and watch my other daughter leave (again) for Japan where she will work over the next year. I am looking forward to a busy summer.     


  1. WooHoo!! Great news Lisa. I'm so happy for you.

    I had a scan done last week and will get the results tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

  2. Hello, Susan. Good to see you here. Keeping fingers crossed for sure!