Monday, January 13, 2014

Chemo #13 Scans reviewed in 3 weeks

No news today, really.  The last three weeks were typical for side-effects.  My neuropathy in my fingers improved from my last treatment so that was a relief. 

Somehow I expected to have scans done before today and reviewed at this appointment.  I was jumping ahead too quickly.  The 3 week period I am now entering is the time for new scans to occur.  On February 3, those will be reviewed.  If everything is stable or if shrinkage is seen, a break from the beneficial but evil Taxotere, as far as side-effects go, may be the next plan for me.  Herceptin and Perjeta will act alone.  I am hopeful this is the case.  This scan really makes me nervous though.  I would really like a break from Taxotere.  Anytime I want something badly, the nerves can be troublesome.  It is not a happy drug as far as how it makes me feel.  If the two other drugs can do the job without it then that is a much better treatment option.  If my scans show growth, my treatment plan will change completely.  It is quite unsettling due to the fact that I am currently taking the best drugs available for my disease.    

For this appointment, the usual side-effects were discussed and lungs were assessed audibly.  All is fine.

This morning I had the 3 month MUGA scan to look at my heart function.  Herceptin can cause reduced heart function in about 2% of patients.  I have not had any problems so far and am hoping this will be the same today.  I will not know until my next appointment.

That is all for today.  Thanks for checking in on me.     


  1. The waiting is the hardest part. Waiting is all I seem to do lately. I only wish they could tell us week by week how we've gotten better or worse.

  2. So true. And, hopefully we are not enduring chemo without any affect on the cancer. For me, I only find out if it is working every three months. Four chemo treatments and then a scan. Yes, lots of anxious waiting. Ugh!

  3. I have my first CAT scan since beginning chemo this Friday the 24th. I've completed 4 rounds of Chemo which equals um .... 8 chemo's all together. Wish me luck :) I'm hoping for some good news. Then we get to decide on what kind of chemo is to be used on me next. Feeling a little like a guinea pig.