Monday, January 20, 2014

Pleading with Cancer

Cancer . . . it’s me.

Come later
when my life
is more complete.

Let me see wrinkles
so deep
and skin
so thin
from elasticity gone.

I beg you,
the lassitude,
the pain

Cancer . . . it’s me.

Let me see
my children grow
to be adults,
to be on their own,
that’s all I want.

Death too soon
is death unfair.
It takes from me
and from them,

Memories missing,
pages empty,
lost to me,
by your bombardment,
hard to bear. 

Cancer . . . it’s me.

Stop this game you play,
out-smarting, outwitting, out maneuvering
us all.

Unfurl your madness
unfurl your mystery
so others will know
and early steps into the darkness
will cease
because your dress
will finally look different
than other dancers
and my body
will see you
and take back what is mine.

Scans show your control, 
reveal your destruction.
Each day
you grow.
Each day
I slow.

Cancer . . .  it’s me.

Stop hurting.
Stop growing.
Stop taking.
Stop stealing
my time.

Rationalization of death
does not exist.
No lessons learned.
Tragedy defines
my one day forgotten life!

Cancer . . . it’s me.


  1. I have shared this everywhere I can. My heart aches for you, and all of those battling cancer. I wish cancer WERE something you could plead with.. maybe it would have a heart and listen.

    I'm so sorry.

  2. Thank you, Susan. You are always so supportive of everything I write, even when it is not as good as I would wish.

  3. Lisa, I wish I could pop over so we could hug each other and tell cancer to go to hell. Sending you hugs virtually.

  4. Lisa...I have no words! I spend all my time telling you how sorry I am (and I am) but to feel helpless and to not truly be able to understand the depth of hurt, of pain, of so much I can't comprehend. Your poem is beautiful yet rips out the soul. I found myself screaming the words as the font size increased. I could picture you doing the same. You've been in my prayers already today. I wish it were different. With love, Sandie

  5. Lisa, I wish you peace and a speedy recovery as you battle those sucking cells.


  6. My rights and prayers are with you. This could NOT have been written better!

  7. Thank you to all of you for taking the time to comment.

  8. My heart is breaking for you, and I'm sorry because I know nothing I can say will make you feel better. Cancer has taken many of my loved ones, and I don't want yours to go through the same. It's so very cruel and unfair. Big hugs and heartfelt prayers for you.